Sit Boo Boo Invisible Fence Reviews

Every dog parent understands that it is his or her responsibility to get adequate and safe outdoor space for the furry friend. For those looking for the right hidden dog fence, they will love the Sit Boo-Boo Invisible Fence. The fence comes with great features, including copper barrier wire, better rechargeable battery life, and a performing transmitter. 

The fence’s sturdy copper barrier makes the signal stronger, which improves the system’s overall reliability. The fence is an invisible containment system that offers an effective means of training your dog. Even for those with stubborn dogs that seem not trainable, Sit Boo-Boo hidden dog fence will effectively set boundaries, and the dog will know the no-go-zones.

Sit Boo Boo Invisible Fence

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User satisfaction

  • Ideal for all sizes of dogs
  • Offers 5 diverse settings for correction
  • Has a compact copper barrier 
  • Can serve many receiver collars
  • Low price
  • Allows multiple set-ups

User dissatisfaction

  • Inconsistency
  • Hard to install
  • Easy to break wires


The main Findings with the Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog fence- Why you need to buy it?

Great for small-sized pooches

Unlike other invisible fences whose collars are only compatible with larger dogs, sit Boo-Boo dog fence works comfortably on a small pooch. The collar does not come with a rechargeable battery and does not vibrate too. The lack of the vibration feature reduces the weight so that a tiny dog can wear the collar comfortably. The small dog is less likely to get injured by the cumbersome collar.

Works on many collars

The device can include numerous collars making it ideal for owners with more than one dog. However, it is good to keep in mind that you must buy the extra collars if you want to train multiple dogs.

Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery is what most people love about the device. Being rechargeable means you won’t need to buy spare batteries for when the current battery drains the power.

Laid-back installation 

Setting up the fence is not hard. All you need is to place it on the ground of choice. For more protection, put it a bit deeper.

Pleasant to water

The entire fence works well even when it’s raining. Since it is friendly to water, you can use it in n comfortably dive or swim without ruining the collar.

Controlled correction

The fence comes with a prevention system that controls the static correction. The idea is to keep the dog safe from any damage or over-shock. 

Substitute corrections

The fence offers varying forms of correction to the dog which includes sound, vibration, and an electric shock. Every correction comes with an independent level of intensity to help you set the level to the dog’s needs.


A great warranty proves how confident the manufacturer is towards the product. Being a harmless correction method, it also offers excellent protection to the pooch. Your pet remains safe from voltage surges or lightning.


Most users complain that the fence is not easy to put in place. Unlike other fences, you may need more time to get the job done.

Since the collar is lighter, it lacks the vibration warning sign, which is crucial during training when you don’t want to give a shock to the dog. With vibration, most dogs will switch to good behavior even before they receive the shock, which is a good thing.

When the manufacturer says the collar is ideal for smaller dogs, its 6-volt battery is still heavy. The weight may affect small dogs. Therefore, the fence best fits bigger dogs, weighing over 10 pounds.


Can I place the wire at the top instead of burying it?

Depending on the specifications of the wire, if you want an above-ground wire, you can choose the one that works above the ground. However, there are disadvantages to having wires above ground. Your dog may bite the wire when the transmitter is off. People may also trip and fall on the yard, and again, it’s not classy to have wires all over your yard.

Can the shock from the fence harm the pooch?

The fenced is not there to tell your dog what to do. It is there to show them what they shouldn’t do. Your dog will avoid the fence because of the shock, but the shock is harmless to the dog.

Can the weather condition affect my fence’s performance?

No! Most fences come with weather protectors, and so the fence can withstand environmental conditions.


Hidden dog fences are the best for every dog owner. Besides, no one wishes to ruin their home’s look with wires all-round the place. With the above Sit Boo-Boo invisible fence reviews, you will become the best pet owner in town. Hidden Sit Boo-Boo fence makes sure you can undo your pet’s unwanted behavior to make him a better friend. Just the fence today and rest peacefully, knowing that your favorite pet is playing safely and freely! 

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