Best Portable Dog Fence – for RV, Travel, Camping

No one wishes to leave their dog behind when going on a holiday trip. Besides, dogs have become one of our family members, and everyone wants to treat them. To enjoy the holiday with your dog, getting the RV dog fence will be of great help. With so many options to fit your pet’s needs, finding the ideal one may get confusing. The following review will help you in choosing the best portable dog fence for an RV.

Traveling or Camping – What Kind of Fence is Best for Dogs?

When camping or traveling, you need a fence that keeps the dog safe and comfortable. The kind of fence required for the dog will depend on the dog’s needs and size. A four inches high fence may fail to deter a big dog like Husky or Labrador. If you own a bigger dog, go for higher fences, at least five or six inches and above. In short, choose a portable RV fence depending on your dog to avoid inconveniences. Provided the fence is high and strong enough, it will suit your dog well. 

Benefits of Portable Dog Fence

Portable RV fences come with lots of benefits to the dog and the owner as well. They include: 

Highly portable-such dog fences are lightweight, foldable, and portable, making it easier for them to carry them when going camping.

Easier to install-when you buy the dog fence, you can use it right from the box. You only need to unfold it, place it in position, close the door and leave the dog to have fun.

Simpler dog training-you can easily train the dog while enclosed in the RV fence for better results.

Safety-when, the dog, is enclosed, he is less likely to roam around and will remain safe.

Best Portable RV Dog Fence – Shortlisted for Camping

Best Overall ( All Dog Size, Durable Plastic) – IRIS USA Dog Playpen

Best for Large Coverage – Yaheetech Heavy Duty Playpen 

Best Budget – MidWest Homes Folding Fence

Most Durable (Metal) – BestPet Pet Playpen Fence for Camping

Best for Puppies – Parkland Pet Indoor/Outdoor Folding Mesh Fence

Best for Small Dogs – North States My pet Petyard Passage

Best for Indoor &Outdoor – TOOCA RV Dog Fence

Buying Guide – Portable Temporary RV Dog Fence for Campers


When buying a portable RV dog fence, it’s good to think of your dog’s size and the yard size. You should also consider the size of the fence before making the final decision. Choosing a yard with enough room for the dog to roam around will help the dog move comfortably and happily. Also, make sure the fence can handle your dog’s size and if holding multiple dogs, choose the one offering enough room.


A dog’s weight is also a crucial consideration. The fence you go with should handle the pup’s weight even when they hop on to see the owner coming their way with excitement.


When choosing the dog fence, don’t only consider their height while standing on their four. Take their height into consideration, especially when they stand on their two greetings or asking for treats. Make sure the fence is high enough not to allow the dog to walk through or jump their way out.

Construction Materials

Materials used on the fence’s construction play a crucial role in determining the ideal one for your pup. However, it all depends on the owner’s preference. To some, durability matters more than portability while portability and light construction is what they prefer.

How tall should my RV fence be for a dog?

Dog fencing should be tall, but it depends on the dog size. Most dog owners, German shepherd, Golden Retrievers, and such big dogs need a fence that is at least 5 inches high. Five inches is the ideal fence size since it will keep the dogs safe without blocking their view. 

Travel with a dog in an RV for Camping- Few Tips

Pack for the dog

When traveling with your furry friend, you need to make sure you carry everything the dog needs for an enjoyable vacation with you. The following are some of the things you need to bring along:

  • Collars
  • Leash
  • Beddings
  • Toys
  • Food bowls

Get a dog fence

It’s good to invest in a right camper dog fence to make sure the dog remains safe through the holiday. If you follow the above information, you will not go wrong in choosing the ideal one.

Get a dog-friendly campground

There is numerous campgrounds ideal for your dog. Just choose the one with friendly pet policies to make his stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Decide your dog’s sleeping place

Just like humans, dogs need a peaceful sleep. Decide where he will sleep comfortably and make sure you have the right beddings.


Make sure you have enough and balanced diet food for your dog. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the vacation.

Leaving a dog in an RV – Is it OK?

While some people usually do so, it’s not safe to leave a dog alone in the RV. Safe RV temperatures are not a guarantee in your absence, even to those who control them remotely. Storms and other mishaps may affect or ruin the air conditioning and end up in an overheated RV. When that happens, your dog may be in danger.

Installation of an RV Dog Fence

RV portable dog fences are famous for their simplicity when it comes to installation. While some models need some installation, most of them incorporate a fold-up design. The design enables them to fold up and down to a compact size. With such models, you need no assembly process since it’s not required. To install, you only need to get it out of the box and unfold it. After that, place it in the space you wish, lock the door, and that’s all. If one happens to buy models needing installation, one only needs to refer to the user manual and follow the easy steps.

How do you stop a dog from slipping an RV fence?

To prevent the dog from slipping through the RV fence, you need to install a double gate or an airlock. Another way to prevent this is to make sure that the gate and fence latchets are secure. If you make the yard as interesting as possible, the dog will see no need to slip out of the fence.

Are vinyl fences strong enough for dogs?

Vinyl fences are among the best products to keep the dog safe in the yard. The fences are secure and strong enough to handle your dog. They also last longer compared to wood fences. Moreover, with so many designs in the market, you will not compromise on style over safety.

Can you use an RV outdoor camping fence indoor?

Yes! It’s possible to use an RV dog fence indoors to mark the pet’s boundary. If you have several pets or curious kids, the fence will prove beneficial. You only need to get the ideal size for your home and are good to go.

Concluding Remarks

An RV dog fence is among the only product that ensures your dog’s safety when he accompanies you on hunting or camping trips. Since they are foldable and portable, carrying them with you should never be an issue. Just choose one from any of the above, and you have a memorable camping experience with your furry friend.

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