PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence

Your pet deserves freedom when playing. Petsafe YardMax is an underground rechargeable dog fence that every dog owner should own. The fence incorporates an infinite zone technology that comes with a compact receiver and a collar making it a great device. The transmitter found on the device conveys signals via the underground wires when the pet comes close to the boundary. 

When your pet is outside, he wears the collar which is the one that picks the signal from the transmitter. To correct the dog, he hears a tone or a beep when approaching the warning zone. Once the pet proceeds to the warning zone after hearing the warning tone, he receives a shock, which is a static correction. To understand more about this device, read the following PetSafe YardMax Review for more!

User satisfaction

  • Offers over 30%b yard for the dog to play
  • It incorporates Ready-Test as well as a perfect fit to make sure the collar is in the right condition
  • Ideal for big dogs, 5 pounds and above
  • 5 levels of adjustments for motionless correction
  • Water-friendly receiver collar
  • Lightweight collar
  • Low correction levels
  • Able to work indoors
  • Has lighting protector

User dissatisfaction

  • No back-up for battery
  • Poor quality material
  • Only 10-acre expansion capacity
  • Only compatible with YardMax collar


The main Findings with the PetSafe YardMax wireless fence – Why you need to buy it?

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Indoors and outdoors training zones

With YardMax, you can mark correction zones in the house and outdoors, as well. With the zones, you can discourage the dog from accessing certain areas like dining, trash can, and any other room.

Unlimited run-through safety

Many of the wired fences usually work along the set boundary line. However, this fence is unique; it works even after the dog passes the barrier. It continues to beep nonstop until the dog comes back to the right place.

Surge protector

For those living in areas where power outages are frequent, this is the right device to have. The device’s transmitter is kept safe by the surge protector to make sure that power outage or lightning doesn’t harm it.

Rain-proof collar and lightweight

The device’s receiver collar is light on the dog’s neck. Weighing 2.8 ounces only, it is ideal for any dog. When it comes to quality, the collar is waterproof to make sure the collar works well on all-weather conditions. 

Rechargeable battery

The collar battery is rechargeable and fully charges within two-hours. The battery lasts long, up to two months, depending on how you use it.  


What we didn’t like about the device is its static correction. When the dog goes out of the safe zone, it receives a shock, but when coming back to the safe zone, it beeps again. The correction on the way back is not only annoying but confusing to the dog.

Complex wiring is another flaw with this device. While other wire fences come with interchangeable wires for the two sides, the YardMax fence is different. You must attach the two terminal holes to a particular wire system for it to work. When you plug-in a wire in the wrong hole, the inner side of the yard will stay inaccessible. That’s why you need to remain careful while installing the device.

The battery doesn’t have a backup, which is a major flaw. Once your battery on the transmitter dies, you will get no back-up, and you will need to think of another way.


After how long should one charge the battery?

Every charge may last for up to three months, but that depends on how you use the collar. When the battery needs recharging, it blinks red after four seconds.

Is it possible to attach a chain on the collar?

No! Attaching a chain may lead to pulling the contact points tight against the pet. The best way is to attach the chain on a separate non-metal collar on top of the receiver collar.

Is it possible to use the device on a cat?

Yes! The device can work on cats as long as she can comfortably wear the collar.

What will happen when there is power shut down? 

PetSafe YardMax can detect power outages and goes off without activating the collar. When there is a power outage, it’s good to keep the pet inside since there will be no barriers. You can also choose an alternative containment method as you wait for the power to come back.

Petsafe YardMax is the best thing that can happen to any serious dog owner. Considering the significant innovations that the device comes with, it’s worth the price. Buy one today and keep your dog safe and happy.

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