PetSafe Underground Dog Fence

Preventing an aggressive pooch from leaving the yard and loiter around is challenging. Most pet parents prefer to keep their pooch indoors or setting up a tall fence around the home for safety. However, a PetSafe underground dog fence is a great option. The fence uses negative reinforcement principles to rectify the pet’s behavior. Petsafe underground fence system incorporates three parts: the underground wire, the transmitter, and the receiver collar. Once a dog comes close to the barrier, the transmitter conveys the signal to the collar which is the receiver. After that, the collar gives the correction to the dog to discourage him from crossing the barrier. 

The main Findings with the PetSafe Underground Dog Fence- Why you need to buy it?

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Keeps the pet safe

With the fence working efficiently, your pet remains safe throughout the day. Unlike other devices that work on a single collar, this particular one works on additional collars. With the unit, you can keep your pets safe with a single fencing system.

Flow protector

The presence of surge protector makes sure that the transmitter remains safe from lightning, sudden power shortages and surges. With such protection, the system remains durable. 

Battery indicator

Nothing is worse than a battery dying when you need the fence most. However, with this fencing system, it comes with a timely battery indicator that shows when the battery is getting low. With such an indicator, it is easy to replace a new one to avoid leaving dogs unsafe when leaving home.

Innumerable designs for innumerable pets

PetSafe in-ground pooch fence offers not only fences for dogs but also wireless cat fence. The fencers come with various coverage options to help you choose the right one for you. The fence ideal for cats or smaller puppies offers 5-acre coverage. The fence is also in-ground and works great for both cats and dogs. The fences come at a varying price to accommodate all users, depending on the number of pets they own.

Modifiable and impermeable receiver collars

The collars are adjustable to various sizes and can range from 6 to 26 inches of the dog’s neck size. Other than the neck size flexibility, the collar is impermeable to make sure that the pet can swim freely or play in the rain without altering the collar’s functionality.

Modifiable fence wires

One great benefit of the fence is the ability to customize the fence based on your yard layout. For those who love having their pets away from the garden, it is possible to place the fence there. Moreover, it is possible to extend the fence up to coverage of 5 acres once you buy more wires.


Wire splices are one problem with the fence which is troublesome. We all know that weak wires can lead to breakages or water penetration, which is dangerous. Once the wire is firmly intertwined, the inner metal can crack or break due to the contraction pressure.

Since the wires are weak, water penetrates the system and it dries quickly, which means it does not last long. To avoid this, buy thick wires, even though such wires will cost you more.

The fencing system incorporates an open-loop indicator, whose purpose is to beep once an in-ground wire breaks. However, the beeping does not work well as you only hear a low beep.

User satisfaction

  • Lightweight
  • Impermeable collar
  • Sound-only correction mode
  • 4 static correction levels
  • Handles an unlimited number of collars
  • Incorporates a low-battery pointer

User dissatisfaction

  • Weak wires
  • Inconsistency 
  • Cost



Do in-ground dog fence work?

These fences work and are effective. However, how they function depends on the installation and maintenance. Since they stay in-ground, they break easily and if you fail to note the breakage, they may not work as you expect. To make sure that the dog is always safe, use the manual well when installing and always check to make sure the fence is in the right condition.

How much will I spend on the fence?

The average cost of the underground fence ranges from $950 to $1500. However, you need to know that there are factors that determine the cost. Such factors include the quality of the wire as well as the collar.

How can I locate an in-ground wire?

To find the wire, always make sure the fence is on and you will notice an indicator light on the transmitter to confirm the fence is on. After that, find the frequency that the fence is using. Walk-through the yard with the radio on the right frequency and you will see the wire.

In-ground dog fences are ideal for every owner willing to keep pets safe. While there are some flaws with the system, the pros outweigh the cons. The fence is a great system to have for your pet’s happiness and your peace of mind. 

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