PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence Review

Any pet, especially a dog, is man’s source of pride and joy. Even though it is not human, men get attached to them that they cannot enjoy life without them. While dogs are fun, at times, they irritate you, especially when they ruin your garden. To keep them in the right place, a PetSafe Elite Little Dog fence is what you need. With the fence, your garden will stay safe as well as the dog herself.

For those looking forward to giving their dogs enough play area, PetSafe Elite big dog remote trainer makes it easy for you to train the dog in a one-third acre. The good thing about the fence is that you can extend up to 25 acres if you add more wire. The fence system works with the in-ground wire that runs around the containment area. The transmitter conveys signals to the dog’s collar and emits the warning tone. Once the dog tries to reach the prohibited area, he gets a static correction. After a while, the pet learns the limits and enjoy playing within the containment area.

User satisfaction

  • Easy to customize to fit all size and shape for a perfect fit to any yard
  • Clear boundaries
  • Easy to turn-off collar to save battery energy
  • Safe to the dog and the owner
  • Effective
  • Serves a limitless number of dogs 
  • Compatible with any pet safe collar

User dissatisfaction

  • Exclusive battery for the collar
  • No battery back-up


The main Findings with the PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence – Why you need to buy it?

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Works on many collars

The device can work on more than one collar, which means you can add more dogs to your in-ground fence. For those with over one dog, the unit is the right one. What we love most is that it works on every pet safe collar out there, except for the UltraSmart and the YardMax collars.

Friendly to water

One can use the fence outdoors, even during the rainy season without any problem. The fence immerses in water up to 5 feet, and it keeps the dog safe regardless of the weather. 

Works well for larger dogs

The collar works well on pets weighing 5lbs and above. Even those with pets whose necks are 6 to 16 inches, they need not worry; the collar will fit the dog comfortably. 

Simple to fix

Fixing the fence is easy since it does not call for any adjustments. Just set up the wires, horse the transmitter, make the dog wear the collar, synchronize, and your dog is safe. For any confusion, the manual is clear enough for comprehension. 


When it comes to dependability, the device is the best. It works as expected, provided the dog gets the right training. Don’t forget to watch the DVD that comes with the fence since it has vital pet training instructions. The instructions will help your pet adjust to the play area fast and easily.

Covers larger area

The entire fencing coverage is about 25 acres. For those willing to train more dogs, all they need is to get more wires to extend the training area. With such an area, the pet will play safely and comfortably at any time.         


​While the fence is ideal for small dogs, some bleeds, including the Chihuahuas may get hurt subject to the correction level.

Extra price

Even though the price is not that bad, it can improve. The price is not high, but if you include the price of batteries you need to buy in a year, you end up spending more money. 


Where is the right place to put the barrier flag?

The flags are the visuals that remind the pet of the areas that he should not access. The receiver collar activates when the dog comes 2 to 3 feet close to the barrier. Place the flag a bit inside the barrier along the wire.

How should I fit the receiver collar?

Fitting the collar effectively is crucial to the right functioning of the fence. When fitting, make sure the contact points are in direct contact with the pet’s skin on the lower side of the neck.

Why does my pet react strongly to the correction and fears it?

A pet may fear the correction if the static levels are high. For the pet to like the fence, it’s good to start with the lowest level and then increase the levels slowly. To stop the fears, lower the levels instantly and assure the pet as you offer treats. 


While a dog is a fun pet to live with, failure to train them may ruin the relationship. Raining them on the boundaries is the best way to improve on their behavior for better coexistence. As long as you buy the PetSafe Elite Little Dog, your dog will play in a safe environment. 

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