Long Range Dog Fences – Best Wireless, In-Ground, Invisible

Dogs are man’s loyal and best friend, but they usually get playful, active, and often restless. If the dog is unsupervised, he can go missing or hurt while outdoors. That’s why you need a long-range wireless dog fence to keep them safe while allowing them to play freely in the yard. Long-range invisible dog fences are ideal for all dog sizes since they can cover larger areas and allow them to enjoy outdoor running and playing. This article incorporates a review of long-range wireless dog fences.

Why Use a Long-Range Dog Fence?

Proper containment is the key to a pet’s safety and wireless fence with larger coverage are among the popular options today. The models incorporate several advantages that attract many pet owners. They include; 

Can handle multiple dogs

Long-range wireless fences can include multiple dogs. Some people choose to have the neighbor’s dogs in the system or even link up with the neighbor’s yard to expand the boundary.

Accommodates larger dogs

Some wireless fences fail to control larger dogs since their correction levels are unfit for larger dogs. However, with long-range wireless fences, they comfortably handle larger dogs and keep them comfortable.


Dogs love climbing, digging, or chewing through fences which makes it harder to keep them safe. An electric wireless fence ensures a dog gets static correction whenever he approaches the boundary keeping him within your bounds.

Easier installation

In comparison to visible dog fences, the wireless boundary is better due to the easier installation. One only needs to place a receiver at a specified location in the property and turn on the system.

Best Choices – Different Long-Range Dog Fences

Long-range dog fence choices are vast in the market, but the following are some of the ideal ones for your dog.

Longest Range Wireless – Stay & Play Fence by Petsafe

Longest Range In-Ground – InGround Fence by SportDOG

Longest Range for Aggressive Dog – Stubborn Fence by Invisible Fence

Best Budget Wireless with Long-Range – Vertical by Justpet

Best Budget Buried with Long-Range – Inground Fence by Petsafe

Longest Range Dog Training Collar – Pro 550 by Garmin

How Far will a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

Depending on the model, most wireless fences cover varying distances. However, the average coverage is about 496 acres, especially those using GPS systems. Such systems lack transmitters leading to no interface issues. Most wireless transmitters can extend to about 1000 feet, but the definition may be poor when interference from metallic objects.

Small Dogs vs Large Dogs – Long Range Fence Suitability

Whether one owns a small or a large dog, an invisible fence will work effectively. All one needs is to check the system’s collar leads to make sure they will fit your dog well. Also, note that varying models incorporate varying static correction settings. The collar may give a beep, a tone, or a static correction to discourage them from crossing over the boundary. Check the model’s settings and the manual to tell if it fits your dog.

In-Ground Dog Fence Coverage Extension

There is no maximum lot size for wireless dog fences and no maximum yard size coverage. Those owning over five acres large yards since you can buy a GPS wireless dog fence incorporating GPS satellite technology. Alternatively, an additional boundary wire or a pet-safe fence wire can also work great.

Buying Guide – Characteristics of Dog Fence with Long Coverage


Any serious dog owner needs to get a fence that can handle over one dog. Most owners keep several pets, and so it’s advisable to get a transmitter supporting multiple receivers. Most of the above fences allow multiple receivers to cover numerous pets.    

Water resilient

Dogs love playing outdoors, and the receiver is prone to coming into contact with water or mud. As such, it’s crucial to go for resilient water collars.

Lasting battery

While the wireless fence transmitter needs to stay directly connected to power, you need batteries on the receivers. Ideal batteries should serve for days with no need for recharging.

Easier usage and portable

An ideal long-range fence should not give dog owners problems when it comes to installation or portability. If the fence incorporates such characteristics, it’s easier to install or move it whenever needed.

Correction levels

When setting long-range enclosures, it’s good to consider the correction levels needed. More levels mean one can train the dog on various levels offering better training to the dog. It’s good for those in love with more liberty to go for those with several level adjustments. 


Long-range fences come in various sizes and forms. While most dog owners pay less or no attention to craftsmanship, it’s a good consideration. Choosing a collar with an excellent design will feel comfortable on the pet and add to his looks.

Better performance regardless of the weather

An ideal dog fence needs to function in all weather fully. Dog fence systems that work on all-weather make sure one can train the dog throughout the year.

Brands that Produces Long Coverage Electric Fences

PetSafe and SportDog are among the renowned brands in the industry, considering their performance. The models incorporate functional transmitters and receivers to give the dog an ideal correction at the right time. Considering the performance, the models also come with a reasonable price to ensure every dog owner can enjoy the joy the fences bring.

How far does an invisible underground fence reach?

Depending on the model you go with, every product offers specified area coverage. For larger yards, it’s possible to use GPS systems incorporating satellites to help in setting the boundaries. When not using the GPS, one can also get an additional wire if needed for extra area coverage.

Do wireless fences work for large dogs?

Wireless fences also work on larger dogs just like on smaller ones, but some larger dogs respond better to larger static correction. One only needs to notice the ideal correction setting where the dog notices the correction with no yelping.

Standard Cost – Long Range Wireless Fence, Collar

Long-range invisible fences cost between $950 to around $1500. However, several factors contribute to the cost of such a fence, like the wiring quality. Just choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Wired vs Wireless – Which dog fence can cover a larger area?

Wired fences have no limitation when it comes to coverage and can go over 25 acres. One’s imaginations are the only limitation when it comes to coverage. On the other hand, wireless dog fences limit the coverage to several hundred feet coverage.

Concluding Remarks

Making the right decision regarding dog fences should every dog owner’s priority since it’s for the dog’s well-being. One needs to choose a wireless fence that will correct the pet safely to keep him well behaved. Besides, other than making good dogs, dog fences also make good neighbors.

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