JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Dogs usually are curious, and if one fails to secure the place where they play and exercise, accidents may occur. With unsafe boundaries, a dog might wander off and risk being hit by a vehicle or nasty people. Since the thought of a favorite pet facing any form of danger is something one doesn’t want to think of, keep them safe. Once you keep the dog safe within your home, garden, or any safe confinement, you will have nothing to worry about. When you may not have a wall or a secure fence to keep them within a set boundary, a JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence is what you need. 

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

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What we like about Juspet dog fence is that if you keep two dogs, you must not spend extra money buying a containment that handles more dogs. Juspet wireless dog fence is ideal for two dogs. Since the fence is wireless, you can easily come up with a circular perimeter, which is adjustable from 10 to 900 feet. For those who dislike their pets roaming further, this is the right fence for them. The following Juspet wireless dog fence review offers more information to help you make the right choice.  

User satisfaction

  • Comes with an impermeable collar 
  • Can handle multiple dogs
  • Multipurpose
  • The receiver can prevent over-shocking
  • Low cost

User dissatisfaction

  • Hardly performs well during obstructions
  • Not ideal for indoor use
  • Poor transmission


The main Findings with the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence- Why should you Buy It?

Simple set-up

When installing this fence, you need not worry since it has a simple process. You neither need tools, knowledge nor do you need experience. Moreover, it will take you less time to complete the process. All you need is to get the right to put the transmitter, take the receiver collar, make your dog wear it, and synchronize the two. 

Doesn’t lead to barriers

The fence is wireless and invisible. You need not worry about ruining the view of your landscape. Any friend or family member may reach the scene without opening the gates. Your visitors won’t see the barrier!

Effective enough

Some dogs are so smart and nosy that even if you put a barrier, they still find a way out. Some climb over; dig underground for passage, while others chew the barrier out-of-the-way. For those who own such dogs, a wireless dog fence is a solution.

Impermeable receiver collar

The fence’s receiver collar is friendly to water, meaning it withstands swims, splashes, and rains. Even when the wires come into contact with water, they never rust. 

Does not call for maintenance

Since the fence doesn’t have any wires below the earth, you need no maintenance. Once you install it, sit back and leave it to work.


The fence is easy to transport, which makes it ideal for those going to vacations. You can sleep comfortably knowing that your dog won’t go beyond the ideal distance.


  • Since the fence is wireless, its signals can stay weak as a result of elements like walls or metal.
  • According to some reviewers, the fence struggles to work with obstructions
  • The fence is ideal for outdoor use only since indoors there are obstructions


Is it possible to use the fence on rain?

The Juspet dog fence is friendly to water, and so you can use it when it is raining. The transmitter resists elements, and so it can work on high humidity, rain, snow, and any weather condition.

Are flags essential and one should use them for how long during training?

The primary purpose of using the flag is to make a visual reminder of the safe perimeters to the dog. In short, a dog knows where he should not cross. Some manuals state two weeks’ use, but you can leave them up for as long as you want. 

Is JUSPET dog fence effective? 

Undoubtedly yes! The fence can reliably keep the dog safe, making sure they don’t go beyond the boundaries set by the fence. 

What will happen once my pet crosses the boundary?

While this is uncommon with JUSTPET fences, if the pet crosses the boundary by mistake or willingly, you should not worry. The fence won’t give them a shocking punishment when coming back home. 


Keeping your pock away from dangers is important. JUSPET dog fence comes with great features to make sure the dog stays within limits. With the above JustPet wireless dog fence reviews, it’s evident that you can remain stress-free while resting indoors.

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