What’s the Best Type of Fence for German Shepherd Dogs?

Owning a German shepherd comes with great responsibility, considering their curious sense of smell and determined character. The furry friends are quite athletes and very active, meaning they need plenty of activities. If not careful, you may find him digging below the fence, looking for a way to escape and have fun. However, the best dog fence for a German shepherd can do the trick. All you need is to make sure the fence you choose is strong and functional enough to hold your dog.

Wireless vs. Underground vs. Standard: Best Fence for GSD?

Do electric fences work for German Shepherds? Well, they work well. Fences for German shepherd dogs may vary depending on your taste. You may choose to install an underground, wireless, or standard dog fence. Although they all serve the same purpose, they may incorporate some differences. A wireless fence is a common and a favorite amongst many due to the easier installation. However, the fence is not as reliable since it cannot cover a larger area. 

A standard fence is functional, but it needs lots of physical effort since it’s a DIY thing. It also needs several hours to install and can become a bit pricy. On the other hand, underground dog fences are better since their installation is fast. Besides, the German shepherd is an active dog and needs enough room for running and playing. Some of the underground fences can even cover over 25 acres of land, offering your dog enough room for fun.

Best Fencing for German Shepherd – Scheduled by TheDogFences

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Best for Maximum Area CoverageElectric Wire Fence by SportDOG

Best StandardLucky Dog Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Kennel Fence

Best for Small, Mid-Size GSDBestPet Dog Playpen Fence

Best for GSD PuppiesMidWest Homes Folding Metal Pen Fence

Guide to Buy Fence for a Big Dog Like Your German Shepherd


Safety is a crucial consideration when it comes to a dog fence. Make sure the fence you choose does not pose any health hazard to your dog. Talk to your vet or an animal professional for better advice. Also, make sure you buy the fence from a reputable company to make sure the dog remains safe within the fence.


German shepherds’ are big dog breeds and can easily jump over the fence. With that in mind, when getting an ideal fence for him, make sure the size of the fence can handle the dog’s size. The wrong size is risky for the dog as it can jump over and roam around carelessly.


Why waste time and money on a fence that will not serve the right purpose? Always make sure you get a quality fence, and materials determine the quality and durability. We all buy dog fences for long-term use and so always make sure you invest in a quality product. Besides, quality does not only mean durability but also means your dog remains secure.

Types of fences for dogs

With hounds the numerous dog fences to choose from, you should eventually land on the ideal one. Some are DIY Models while others come ready for installation. Dog fences for German shepherd dogs include electric ones, invisible, underground, and wireless fences for dogs. It is up to every dog owner to choose the one that pleases them.

Is it OK to keep a German Shepherd outside? If Not, Why?

German shepherd dogs love sleeping outside but they should not spend time outside full-time. The dogs are social animals and need some quality time with people. Their behavior depends on social contact with people and their training. Keeping them outside may affect their character. But, at what age can a German shepherd sleep outside safely? Puppies can sleep indoors until they get to 4 or 6 months. It’s hard for the puppies to regulate body temperatures, and is prone to parasites and diseases. With that in mind, they need time to grow and bond with the family members.

How High Can German Shepherds Jump? Fence Height for GSD?

German shepherd dogs are famous jumpers and can jump as high as 4 to 6 feet. That explains why they are the ideal dogs for security purposes since they are super athletes. Therefore, having a four-foot fence is a joke as they can easily hop over. With that in mind, an ideal fence for a German shepherd is 6 inches and above. If he keeps on jumping, you may choose to teach him to remain in the fence or change the fence.

German Shepherd Jumping Over the Fence? How Do I Stop?

The dogs love jumping and may even try to hop over out of a mere fun of doing so. To make sure they never hop over, make sure the fence is 6 or 7 inches high. Alternatively, you can use opaque fences that keep your dog from fully accessing the outer world.

Another way of preventing the jumping is removing any escape aid. Remove anything that helps the dog to scale the fence, like benches.

Obedience training can also work as it eliminates unwanted behavior in your furry friend. The training maintains a dog’s acceptable behavior, and the dog slowly learns to portray the behavior.

A dog owner can also choose to increase the dog’s physical activity. Since German shepherds are athlete dogs, keeping them bored may trigger their will to hop over and run around. Try finding time to play with the dog or take him for walks.

How to Train a German shepherd to stay in the yard?

Try going off-leash- try going back leash severally and then off-leash. If they hang on the boundary, deny them treats. If he stays in the yard, praise him with affection and treats. That way, he will get used to staying in the yard.

Show the boundaries to the dog– If using electric fences, use tone settings before turning on the collar. Move close to the boundary with the dog; the collar produces an alert sound. Immediately get back to a safer area and if the dog follows you back, reward him. Repeat the process until he gets used to the fence.

Use the static shock: If the dog disobeys the alert tone, static shock will work. Whenever he gets close to the fence, he receives a shock, telling him to keep off the fence.

How much area can you cover with an electric dog fence for GSDs?

The area covered by electric fences varies from one fence to another. While some cover up to a ¾ of an acre, some cover from 25 acres to almost 100 acres minimum. The idea is to choose a fence depending on the area you want to retrain the dog from accessing.

Concluding remarks

By investing in the best dog fence for a German shepherd, you not only keep the dog safe but comfortable. Keeping them indoors can lead to depression, so it’s a great idea to keep them active. Choose any of the above fences and make your German shepherd the happiest dog in the neighborhood.

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