How to Stop a Dog from Climbing or Jumping a Fence?

An old dog learns no trick – you might find a perfect reflection of this proverb in your dog when it comes to containing the pet inside a fence. Even after giving enough training, you may discover that your dog still tries to escape whenever it gets chances, climbing, or jumping over the fence.

How will you feel if you wake up and find all of a sudden that your dog is not inside the fence, has jumped out at some point, and now you’ve to do a lot getting it back? From experience, we know it is painful. Things go utterly frustrating when you spend a lot of your hard-earned money to build a quality fence and discover you have failed to prevent your dog from escaping! 

But how to stop a dog from climbing or jumping the fence?

Here we have some tips and tricks that might challenge the escaping tendency of your dog and control the attempts for climbing or jumping, regardless of the size and breed of your dog.

Why Do Dogs Escape the Fence by Climbing or Jumping?

Not for a single reason does a dog climb up or jump over a fence and escape away. Before taking measures to prevent your dog from climbing or jumping, it is essential to know the reason why it is doing so. If you can figure out the reason or reasons, it will be easy for you to address the issue.

However, the following are the most common amongst the reasons for your dog’s escape jumping over the fence or by climbing up, and your dog might be a victim of one or more of those:

  • Separation anxiety, 
  • Fear, 
  • Boredom, 
  • Sex drive, 
  • To have gathering with other dogs, 
  • Lack of exercise, 
  • Following one or more dogs outside the fence,
  • Seeking your attention, 
  • Anything exciting on outside of the fence, or
  • Having no bondage with you and your family.

Jumping, Climbing and Dog’s Psychology

Dogs love to get rewarded. Therefore, they sometimes feel it really exciting to do self-rewarding activities. Jumping over the fence or passing it by climbing up is one of those behaviors. They do it for any or more of the reasons mentioned above, but once they are successful, they consider that simply a reward. They feel like they’ve got what they want, like stealing cookies from the bench! Every time they climb up or jump over the fence successfully, their self-rewarding behavior gets strengthened. They continue to reinforce the activity, and if not prevented accurately, it becomes their habit and tough to control in the future. It is what dogs psychology acts like.

Stopping Your Dog from Jumping or Climbing

A safe, secure, and escape-free dog fence is what every dog owner wants. As you cannot get it per your expectation, take some measures as stated below to add more containing capacity to the fencing on your yard. These will help to control the dog’s jumping and climbing temptation, which experts consider as the best course of action in this regard. 

Extend the Height of Existing Fence

If you have installed traditional fencing across your yard (not a high-tech fencing System) with a certain height, we suggest you extend the height some more. More height will make dogs tired and incapable of climbing or jumping. Consider the size (maximum size that your dog can achieve in future when gets older), breed, nature, jumping & climbing potential of that specific breed, and weight of the dog, and then extend the height according to the maximum limit of your dog. You may buy some cheap yet reliable kits and hardware for the purpose from the local market. Installation should not be tougher. 

Use a Second Fence

We know it will cut your pocket, but it is quite an effective way to refrain your dog from jumping or climbing. Most of the dogs, when they jump over the high fences, can do that because they get sufficient runup. The momentum and speed they achieve on a good runup is the crucial thing to get themselves out over the fence just like an eagle. A second fence close to the first fence, higher than the first, can excellently disable your dog from a flying jump again, which means no escape. In the case of climbing, a second fence has nearly the same impact.

Try Aviary Wire or Plastic Sheets

Nailing some chicken or aviary wire, or plastic sheets to the fence’s yard side is one of the most effective ways to stop your dog from climbing up the fence. But you should consider the outlook, especially the material and color of your fence, and choose the most appropriate type of wire or sheets.

Block the Holes

Blocking all the holes in a fence (not applicable for the modern-tech invisible models) is an excellent way to control a dog’s escape. It helps to keep your dog free from outside temptations by blocking its vision to check outside. Filling the gaps, if any, is also highly recommended. 

Install an Electric Fence

One of the most popular ways nowadays is the use of an electric invisible dog fence in addition to the existing traditional fence. The mechanism will keep your dog inside the marked area by offering some electromagnetic corrections

Last Words

It is challenging to stop a dog from jumping or climbing up a fence if it gets used to. So, train it and contain it accordingly before grabbing the habit so that things don’t go out of control in the future.

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