How to Prevent Dog from Digging Under Fence – Easiest Ways

A well-trained dog kept inside a solidly built fence does not always guarantee a compact safety. Sometimes the dog itself can show some problematic behaviors or disorders, which frustrate the fundamental objective of fencing and lead your doggie to many unwanted risks such as getting lost or even worse. 

Climbing up, jumping over, chewing, and of course, digging under the fence are the most critical disorders among those. We discussed the solutions of the first two problems elsewhere, and here we’ll only address the third issue – digging under the fence.

Digging or tunneling is not only dangerous for the dog but also bad for your yard, as it leaves ugly holes there. But how to prevent dog from digging under fence? Fortunately, there’s a lot to do for you to solve the problem, including installing a new corrective fence. But what if you want a solution without replacing your existing fence?

Reason-Specific Solutions to Dog Digging

You might have seen your dog digging the ground or even his bed. Did you ever think why do they do that? There are several reasons that include:


a dog is digging might mean he is searching for comfort. Perhaps he or she is in discomfort because of any element or environment such as too hot from which he wants protection. Your dog tries to feel your bad feelings, so you should try to feel its discomfort. Check if the shelter and other dog supplies are enough and comfortable, e.g., plenty of water, shady spots, etc. for your dog in such a case. If everything is okay and the dog is still digging, there might be some other reasons.


the main reason why your dog is doing that problematic attitude is boredom in most cases. Simply dogs want to do something that might help them to get rid of monotonous conditions, and they find digging exciting. They might even do some other destructive activities like chewing the bed or fence too. Please bring them to walk outside every day, or give them some interactive toys to resolve the issue. An untrained or less energetic dog used to show more destructive behaviors. Regular exercise will make your dog tired, happy, and help him get free from those disorders. 


all of a sudden, your dog starts to dig the fence and stop after a while is a probable indication of a dog’s hunting desire. It may try to hunt down insects or other burrowing creatures. Check availability of such critters in your yard, inside or outside the fence that attracts your dog. If you find any of those, remove those from your yard or destroy if the animals are dangerous. Use the safest possible way to do that. You may even apply some chemicals with proper caution to get your job done. 

Fear & Anxiety

your dog might face some issues, including horrible sound, fearsome objects, and something that creates fear in its mind. Your furry friend may start to feel stress, anxiety or fear and may start digging under the fence to go outside away. If you notice it doing digging for any such issue, try figure out and resolve. Take some time and bring your dog’s confidence again if it is a victim of fear. 

Sex Drive

having no sex when it comes to dog’s mating season unless your one is sterile, may lead them to be very destructive, and digging under the fence is one amongst those. Consider this issue and bring him or her for mating as early as possible. In this context, this is the only solution. 

Other Issues

some other reasons for why your dog may dig the fence that includes its tendency to gather with other dogs, following one or more dogs outside the fence, seek your attention, or getting untrained or being very obstinate. You have to take measures according to every specific condition.

Some Common Methods – How to Stop Dog From Digging Under Fence?

You’ve gone through some reason-specific solutions to your dog’s digging problem. Here we include some common methods and measures that you should follow to keep your dog from digging under the fence.


always supervise if your dog is facing any problem, even if it stays within a smart and protected fence. It prevents your dog from digging in two ways- (i) your presence makes him happy, free from loneliness and fear, and comfortable that helps to stop digging, (ii) your dog will stop digging by counting your presence as an instruction not to do any problematic behavior if it is trained earlier. 


when the dog starts digging under a fence, do any activity that distracts it from digging. It may be anything, for instance, creating another sound that redirects your dog’s concentration from the digging area.  It is a unique technique mostly applicable for the breeds with an instinct of digging. 

Deterrent Spray

applying some deterrent spray such a black pepper, sprinkle capsicum pepper or tabasco sauce around the fence perimeter may be a good trick to stop your dog from digging under the fence, although the method might not work for all breeds. The idea is pretty straightforward – apply the spray where and when your dog comes to dig. Regular reapplication of spray would help your dog to build a habit of avoiding digging.

Structural Change in Fence

building a new fence with some deterrent features or bringing some structural changes in your existing fence is the final step that you may take, and we consider it the best way to keep a dog from digging under the fence. You can bury the wire around 6-inch down the surface and bend it into an L- Footer pattern attached to the surface-top. If your dog digs, it will find the wire and stop trying to go deep. The use of a premade bottom fence is another way that you may consider. Putting rocks along the entire fence line is our last suggestion that will help to deter your dog from digging. 

Last Words

Deterring your dog from digging under the fence is not tough but a tricky task. You just should be a good supervisor. If you are so, following any of the methods explained above, should be relevant to your dog, would be good enough to prevent your dog from digging.

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