How to Build a Chain Link Dog Kennel – Chain Link Fencing

Watching a dog happy and playing around is really charming, which every dog owner loves. Always keeping a dog inside instead of allowing it to roam outside is unfair. Not only will your pet be frustrated, but also it is dangerous for other items of your house, including furniture. The interior environment may even turn out to be uninhabitable!

But it is also not wise to let your furry friend always move freely, especially outside the yard, as that causes some significant security risks, e.g., lost dog, or even worse, in addition to bothering your neighbors. It is even not possible to monitor the furry all the time it stays and plays outside. 

What to do then? The best solution is setting up a containment system that offers the dog with enough roaming space. You might even think of using a dog kennel. But a dog kennel is generally tiny when it comes to comparison with pet fences or containment systems. Fortunately, you can make a customized kennel, using chain link wires, large enough to accommodate your dog for running and playing in addition to prevent escape. The question is – how to build a chain link dog kennel?

Steps – How To Build A Dog Kennel with Chain Link Wires?

There are a few simple steps to build a good chain link dog kennel, and that’s what we do. The steps include:

  1. Plan Out Your Kennel

To solve the puzzle of how to build a dog kennel with chain link fence starts with making out a plan for the kennel. Yes, it is more important than the collection of necessary construction stuff.

While planning out a dog kennel, start with measuring the size of your dog and maximum space that your yard can allow building a kennel. Try to make a balance between your dog’s demand and the actual space in your yard. If the yard is large enough, it should not be an issue then.

You should take some other factors into account when planning out, for instance, if you want to keep a dog house and other dog supplies inside the kennel or not. Remember, the more your dog will stay inside the kennel that you’re going to build, the larger it should be. In a nutshell, you mainly look forward to how to ensure maximum comfort and safety of your dog.

  1. Collection of Required Tools & Materials

Generally, a chain link dog kennel requires almost the same materials and tools that you’ll need to build a mesh-wire fence. As you’ve planned out the kennel, collect the following materials and tools according to the set plan:

  • Metal posts – for corners, line (in-between), and gates;
  • Chain link material
  • Hammer/Sledgehammer or Digger;
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  1. Mark the Post Layout and Stick

It is essential to mark the spots where you’ll lay the posts before fencing it with chain links. Initially, mark the entire fence line, as you planned out at step 1. Use tape or a large ruler for the purpose. It is not required that you have to make the kennel layout or line completely square, straight or evenly. But accurate marking will turn things more quality and good looking.

Either dig holes for the posts using a digger and tighten after putting posts one after one. In this process, you’ll require no help from a second person. But if you want to hammer instead of placing inside the holes, get help from another person who’ll vertically hold the posts.

Use a hammer or sledgehammer and pound on top of the posts to stick those inside the ground. The base of the posts should be stuck about one foot under the surface. Confirm that no water or electric line is damaged while you stick.

  1. String the Chain Link around the Posts

Finally, string the chain link material around all the posts using hand and pliers. On each of the posts there should be some notches to attach the fence. Once the entire kennel space is fenced (enclosed) with the chain link wire, cut off the rest material at the end. Attach the chain link wires with fence posts around outside of the posts. Cover the gate area with a separately-built chain link gate.

Last Words

Congratulations! You have done it! The process, as explained above, is not complicated, and is one of the best ways to keep your furry friend safe and happy. As you’ve learned the process, building a chain link fence (not a kennel) even won’t be tough for you. 

For your kind information, “how to build a chain link fence” has pretty much the same answer as what you’ve learned above! But if you really want to avoid the use of any fence, you should train your dog to stay within the yard, which is really tough and practically impossible sometimes.

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