How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Adjust to a New Dog?

Adopting a new puppy brings a whole lot of joy and happiness into your life. If you have a dog already, thinking about adopting a new one is a pretty confusing task. Most dog owners worry about how long it takes for a dog to adjust to a new dog. If you are thinking the same, Then you are in the right place. A newly adopted dog feels strange about the new environment. However, little care and love make your old dog and new dog have a healthy and strong relationship. Here are the simple tips that would help you to establish a friendly and robust behavior between the dogs. 

Being a pet lover, it is tough on our part to take care of both the dogs. But patience is the key; you have to protect your dogs from ill temperament. When you bring a new pup to your house, the old dogs feel uneasy and strange. This is due to the reason, as your dog has no experience of sharing its bond with other dogs. So, don’t worry. Give your pups enough training and time to communicate with each other.

Does a new dog take a long period to adjust to other dogs? 

Many factors interfere with the adjusting periods. It all depends on the new dog’s ability to respond to the environment and the old dog to accept the new one. When we adopt a dog from the rescue center and pet centers, the dogs are given prior training for adjusting to new environments and are highly socialized. At the same time, we cannot give scope to socialization for local pet stores. So, based on the training given to the pup it’s behavior is concerned. However, when you bring a newbie to our house, it’s totally in our hands to adjust and mold its behavior based on our environmental conditions.

  • – First and foremost, you need to do before you bring a new pup to make yourself prepared with a new shelter for your pup. Don’t place both the dogs in the same shelter.
  • – You cannot take care of both the dogs, so get the old dog routine done by your family members. Start loving your new dog and excuse it regularly along with your old one. Allowing your dogs to stay together, helps your dogs to communicate with each other. Keep in mind that you have to supervise both the dogs until they have a good bond. 
  • -Following the routine for a few days, your new dog is adjusted to the environment and starts playing with the old dog. It believes that the house is secure and starts loving the environment. Generally, based on the dog, it will take three weeks to a month to adjust for a dog to a new dog. 

It is not a difficult task to adopt two dogs. Now you don’t have to worry about How long it takes for a dog to adjust to a new dog. Give your dogs enough love and enough time; you will see both the dogs cheering and hugging you. We hope the information helps build a strong relationship between your furry friends.

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