Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle Review: Best Dog Training Device GPS

When thinking of a dog’s security, as a parent you always need to get the best. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle is among the best containment method in the market today. With the Christmas holiday around the corner, many are already considering hunting. To get the dog to become an ideal hunting partner, you need to make sure he gets the right training. As long as the dog understands what you want him to do, you will enjoy the adventure. That is why Garmin Alpha 100 TT15 Bundle is the best dog training device. You can easily control the dog even from a distance.

After training, a dog owner still needs to track the dog’s whereabouts. The device comes handy, especially for dogs that are new to hunting since you can find them. The Garmin model works as a tracker as well as a restrictive fence. If you want the dog to stay in a particular area for his safety, this tool is helpful.   

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

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User satisfaction

  • Able to train multiple dogs
  • Long battery life
  • Has GPS connectivity
  • Multi-mile antenna to reach larger areas
  • Versatility

User dissatisfaction

  • Unclear screen
  • Not cheap


The main Findings with the Garmin Alpha 100 bundle- Why you need to buy it?

Resilient GPS that’s sensitive

When it comes to GPS sensitivity, the device is sturdy enough to offer faster and effective results. With the GPS, no need to worry about the pooch whereabouts as you can easily find it. As a result, you get a smooth experience while keeping your pet safe.

Can train many dogs

For a professional trainer in need of a model that accommodates over 20 pets, this model is what you need! With the device, one can get any information on the direction, speed, as well as each dog’s distance that you select. The good thing about the device is that you can correct an individual dog leaving the others.

Battery life

Garmin dog trainer’s battery may last up to 40 hours, depending on how you use it. With such battery life, chances of needing a recharge while busy with the unit are slim. This means you don’t have to worry about power.

Impressive added software

The Alpha comes with incredible software such as BaseCamp and Birdseye satellite that allows you to detect the pet’s location. You can find the dog with a specialized collar that synchronizes with the device.


The device incorporates the best GPS dog collar that is comfortable for the dog. The collar comes with soft material and a great color to make it stylish as well.


Accidental commands

Even though the device comes with a cool feature, being a full touch screen becomes an issue. When you are in the woods or putting it in the pocket, you may bump on various objects and accidentally change its settings. This is bad as you may endanger your dog if that happens.


The trainer is not cheap. Considering its hefty price tags, you need to think twice before buying. However, even if it is pricey, considering its effectiveness, it is worth the money.


How does the device’s touchscreen do when wet?

The Garmin Alpha comes with an IPX7 water rating. This means that it can handle being in the water, one-meter up for about 30 minutes. 

Must you use probes for the tone mode?

With this device, the points of contact need no vibration or tone training modes. It incorporates a rubber dust cover that you can place on top of the inserts. 

Is the device ideal for dogs weighing 14 pounds? 

Yes, it can work on such small dogs. Since it comes with various adjustments, you can fit them into your pet.

Can Alpha 100 work on DC30 or DC40?

No! The device does not work on them. Before buying, read the specifications carefully to see clearer.

With the many benefits and features that come with this device, the Alpha 100 is the best GPS dog training collar for hunters and regular dog owners too. With the stimulation mechanism that lets you correct the dog instantly is very effective. Like any other technological pieces, it may not lack some issues, but overall, it is an excellent device for all. Just consider Garmin Alpha 100 in your next purchase, and you won’t regret it! 

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