Dog Fence Window – Best Choices, Great View for Your Pet

Does your dog hate being contained in the yard? Does he get stressed whenever he cannot access the world beyond the fence? Dogs usually get anxious and end up barking uncontrollably, and will always try to escape the fence. Well, with the best dog fence window, you can reduce the dog’s stress as it allows them to see the outside world. The fence window will serve the dog’s curiosity, and he will comfortably stay in the fence with no issues at all. The article seeks to tell you more regarding such fences to help you choose the ideal one. 

What is a Dog Fence Window?

A dog fence window is an acrylic opening you set up in a fence to help the dog see what’s happening. The window is designed in a way your dog can peep through to the other side and satisfy his curiosity. One can mount these windows on the wholes your curve on the fence but cannot allow the dog to pass through. Dogs will enjoy sitting on the window for hours while he observes the surrounding. Even if your fence is opaque with such a window, your dog will still experience the freedom of peeping through the window and remain still.

Best Windows for Dog Fence – Get Right One for You from Here

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What Type of Dog Fence Requires a Window?

There are various dog fence windows in the market, with the majority incorporating a glass bubble design. However, not all fences require a window. If your fence is spacious enough for the pet to see through it, no need for the window. However, if your fence, especially the wooden one is opaque, you may need to install a dog fence window to help the dog see through to the surroundings.

Dog fences are made of various materials, including metal, wood, vinyl, and other pet-friendly materials. If a dog can’t see through the fence, he easily gets distracted, so that a window will be helpful. Just make sure the fence adds privacy, curbs appeal, and boosts your home’s overall value.

The usefulness of a Window in a Dog Fence

Fence windows for dogs come with various benefits. Some of these benefits include

Reduced barking- The window offers enough view of the area and keeps the dogs calm and happy, reducing their barking.

  • Alleviating the pet’s curiosity- Dogs are easily distracted and can get worked out when a kid or other dogs pass by. A fence window keeps the dog from trying to jump over the fence.
  • Security-The windows keep the dog safe as they barely peek or jump over the fence to get injured.
  • Reduces digging-Once the dog’s curiosity is satisfied, he will not think of digging and ruining your yard.

Choosing the Best Window for Dog Fence – Key Facts

When installing a dog fence window, it’s good to consider durability, safety, and value for the money. The following factors are here to help in understanding the ideal dog fence window.

The window needs to be sizeable

Make sure the window you choose is large enough for the dog to see the outdoors comfortably. However, if you go for bubble windows, size may not matter since it allows the dog to view the outside with a smaller size. The windows resemble a dome mounted on a fence and are 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep. Other windows like grill or wood windows offer a limited view and need to be bigger.   


For bubble windows, installation is the same as simple installations, regardless of the brand. To make the process easier, make sure the model you choose incorporates all the necessary installation tools. As with other grill and wood windows, most of them are DIY and are easier to do alone.

Material matters a lot 

The majority of fence windows for dogs incorporate acrylic plastic making the window affordable and lightweight. If looking for a window with easier maintenance when cleaning, go for acrylic ones. Avoid using a material that’s not sturdy enough as the dog can hit it hard and pass through.


Unreliable and poor-quality windows lead to various inconveniences and pose a hazard to your dog. It’s good to invest in a sturdy and durable window to make sure the dog gets the needed security, comfort, and sight.

How to Install a Dog Window in Fence?

Take the right measurement

To get the right measurements, trace the fence interior to determine where you will trim for the window. Make sure the spot you decide on will not strain your dog’s neck. It’s good to place the window slightly above the knee-length if you own a medium dog.

Trace the window area outline

Decide on the area you need to peek hole in the fence. After that, place the trim on the hole to start drilling the holes you intend to attach to the nuts. Get someone to hold the glass dome on the other side as you screw the bolts.

Check the bolt’s length

It’s good to check the bolt’s length since their length matters. If they are too long, their sharp ends may harm your dog. To avoid that, cover them with acorn nuts. While tightening the nuts, remember to remain gentle as aver tightening them may crack the acrylic glass.

DIY Dog Fence Window – How to Build One?

Materials You Will Need

  • Wood studs to frame the window from the inner side
  • A trim to frame the outer side of the fenced window
  • A wire mesh sheet or a hail screen
  • A box of nails for finishing
  • A pencil
  • A tape measure
  • Capped nuts or acorn nuts

Building process

  • Start by measuring the height and the window’s dimensions. Mark the desired dimensions and make sure you make them square on the fence. We usually recommend 12 by 12, but it depends on what you desire.
  • Cut out the area you mark to leave a cavity on the fence. After that, cut out the trims on the inner and outer sides at 45 degrees.
  • Cut out your wire mesh while maintaining one margin on all sides.
  • Create pilot holes with a drill and on the fence and the trims. Get someone to help as you screw in the trims as well as the wire mesh.
  • Buff off any sand or rough edges, and if the nails or screws protrude, use capped nuts or acorn nuts for the dog’s safety.

Concluding Remarks

Dogs are curious, and keeping them in a retrained area without seeing outside gets them stressed and anxious. They may end up barking non-stop or even try and jump over the fence. However, with the above windows for dog fences, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The windows are simple and an affordable way of keeping your dog comfortable within the fence.

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