Extreme Pro Grade – Best Wireless Dog Fence with 2-Acre Coverage

Dogs are awesome additions to any home. Whether you are having a dog for the first time or experienced enough, your pet’s safety should always come first. To keep him safe, every dog owner needs to consider his safety and the best way is to get a dog fence. When it comes to buying a dog fence, coverage is one thing you need to stay keen on. Besides, you want the pet to play freely within a safe boundary. Instead of limiting the dogs play space, get him a 2-acre wireless dog fence. The 2 acres play limit is enough for your pet to play freely and safely within the house perimeter.

Some brands offer dog wires that cover fewer areas while others come with excessively wider dog fences. As a result, it becomes challenging to choose the ideal dog fence. But, as long as you buy the extreme pro-grade dog fence, you are on the right lane.

The extreme pro-grade 2-acre dog fence is an in-ground fence and does not have transmitter holes. The lack of transmitter holes means that you can place the fence anywhere, making it the best wireless dog fence for large dogs. What we like about the fence is that it comes with a long wire that covers 2 acres. The dog fence’s transmitter effectively covers about 25 acres. However, you can still get an extra cord or transmitter if in need of covering unlimited space. 

2 acre wireless dog fence

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User satisfaction

  • Wireless and needs no digging
  • Adjustable boundary
  • Water-resistant collar
  • Five levels of motionless correction to help set the fence to the dog’s temperament 
  • Tone mode for training
  • Portable 
  • Great warranty

User dissatisfaction

  • You should place the transmitter indoors only
  • Poor quality collar
  • Inconsistent connection
  • Not sturdy enough


Main Findings of the Extreme Pro Grade wireless dog fence Review – Why You Should Buy It?

Area of coverage is the area that you deem safe for your pet to roam around. As much as you want your dog to stay safe, you also need to make sure that it’s large enough for the dog’s freedom when playing. While we are sure that this wireless dog fence will help in many ways, let’s see why you need to buy it!

Various adjustable levels

Choosing this fence means that you will get 8 levels of adjustments to correct the levels to fit your dog’s needs. The adjustment levels will help you in figuring out the best training approach for your pooch. 

Effective transmitter

The fence’s transmitter is very powerful. It can cover up to 25 acres which makes it ideal for owners with large land. The coverage also offers a vast playground for the pet. While one dog can play comfortably in a one-acre land, you can add more dogs and train as many as you can.

Stronger signal

While most wireless fences are prone to low signals, this fence offers more signal, making it the best wireless dog fence for large dogs


Some clients don’t like the receiver collar battery since it’s not chargeable. This means you must buy many batteries and stock them for replacement.

For those who are uncomfortable with the one-acre coverage, they must buy extra flags and wires to their ideal coverage.


What is the cost of a wireless Pooch fence?

The wires cost an average of $150 $250 depending on the area you wish to cover. For those looking forward to adding more dogs to the system, you may incur about $100 per dog.

Are Extreme pro grade fences safe for dogs?

Most wireless pooch fences work with the use of a vibration incentive that has an audible warning before releasing shock. The shock comes less powerful and cannot harm them at all.

Is this dog fence collars water-resistant?

Dogs are prone to coming into contact with water since they spend most of their time outdoors. With that in mind, the collar receiver is water-resistant to keep it functioning continuously. 

How much wire do you need for 1 acre of underground dog fence?

Many fences are ideal for the one-acre fence. All you need is to check the fence’s specifications to see if it fits 1 acre. But with this Extreme pro-grade dog fence, you can use it for a one-acre fence since it is adjustable to fit your ideal area coverage.

The extreme pro-grade dog fence is the best for any dog owner, especially those who don’t mind using un-rechargeable collars. The receiver collar battery can last up to 4 months, so you should not worry much. With the flags and wires allowing you to extend the coverage area, your pet gets more freedom and a vast play area. Get one today and make your pooch the happiest in the neighborhood.

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